1. May I switch my registration to someone else?

Yes, but you must provide proof of permission by the original recipient at registration. (text, email, pieces of paper, etc) See Brenda Flanagan at that time.

2. Will the poker run still take place if it is raining?

Yes, BUT if the weather is dangerous, we suggest you may wish to drop out. Unfortunately, no refunds BUT the awesome auction will still take place later in the day at Stingaree Restaurant, assuming the weather clears.

3. Are there refunds available?

Unless there is an error on our part, no.

4. Which restaurants/stops will there be on the route?

To be determined and changes may be made later.

5. How long does the Poker Run last?

We expect to end the golf cart portion at Stingaree Restaurant at approximately 3:00 pm. That’s when the exciting auction for some really cool stuff begins!

6. Will the restaurants/host stops be offering food?

Yes, in most cases on a limited basis. CASH may be the only form of payment accepted at each stop due to the size of the crowd and the time it takes to process credit cards.

7. Why is registration number limited?

Safety. Plus, the restaurants/stops will be handling hundreds of  customers all at once. We want everyone to be safe and also to have a great time

8. Are other types of vehicles allowed like 4 X 4’s UTV’s etc?

Unfortunately, no. Only golf carts are allowed to participate.

9. May we drink and drive?

Please feel free to ask the nice officer(s) that are present along the route. No.

10. Can we drive on highway 87?

Only if you want to meet Galveston County’s Finest. No.

11. What time is registration?

Registration opens the day of the event at 8:00 am and closes promptly at 9:15 am.

12. We STRONGLY recommend

Bringing cash if you wish to make any purchases at any of the host stops. Credit card transactions take too long and will slow everything down.

13. Do you accept credit cards at the auction?